A Call I Got From Bush on the Last Night of His Presidency

I got a call from President Bush. Here’s a transcript:

Brooks: Hello?


Brooks: Hello, this is Brooks.

Bush: …….Um, hi.

Brooks: Oh, hi, President Bush. You sound tired.

Bush: Yes, my wife and I were up late last night packing. It’s amazing how stressful moving is.

Brooks: I heard that it’s one of the hardest things for people to do.

Bush: We started just after Christmas and in our minds we figured that was more than enough time. But here it is Monday, we got to move out by tomorrow afternoon and we’re still not done.

Brooks: That sucks…We’ll, do the best you can. If you don’t get everything I’m sure the Obamas will send you things you forgot. Maybe you should take a break. You and Laura could go and see Marley and Me. It’s pretty good.

Bush: Yeah, you’re right. I need a break. Okay, I’ll take your advice…Thanks again for your help. You’ve helped me out at some tough times.

Brooks: No problem. Everyone can use the encouragement. Have fun and then get some sleep.

Bush: Can do!

Brooks: Good night.

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