Ann Heiserbusch presents Buds!

What’s Buds?

Kurt and I are troubadours traveling the world as Buds! We are on a musical mission, sponsored by Ann Heiserbusch, to promote her fine beer product of Budweiser. In our show Buds! we sing songs, perform zany stunts, share wild stories from the road, and spout the benefits of Budweiser beer. We perform at stages, theaters, and bars that don’t currently sell Budweiser in the hopes that we can get them to change their ways. Listen to us share wild our adventures on the Buds! podcast.

How Buds! happened

Kurt and I first met as fellow students at Feldenhurst Kindergarten Academy. We became instant buds and regaled our fellow students daily with Spouty and Puckertape, our recess sandbox show. Kurt’s parents moved away, and we didn’t meet up again until 2017 when we both happened to run into one another at an open mic at Powserman’s Tap in Sebastopol, California. In the audience that night was Chuck Simmerstein, the media vice-president of Ann Heiserbusch’s beer company, who approached us afterwards to represent the company on the Bud’s Constant World Tour. With nothing else going on in our lives and poor house lifestyles, we enthusiastically accepted.

The Buds! podcasts

Kurt and I make regular podcasts of our Bud’s Constant World Tour mind-blowing adventures. We share what it’s like being on the road, from performing at concert halls to the dingiest dives, and all the ups and downs of the airports, hotels, restaurants, fans, and more.

Podcast Episodes:

Embarrassment at the Gull and Penguin: The duo share their experience of performing onstage at the Gull & Penguin in the Falkland Islands. Kurt shares his frustration at the airlines for losing his guitar. Brooks wonders if they’ll survive traveling to their next show at the McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica.

Opening up for Elton: Brooks and Kurt share their on the road adventures which have taken them to São Paulo, Brazil, where they opened up for Elton John at the Arena Atembi. They talk about what it was like to perform for over 60,000 fans, and the bizarre after party, followed by their stay at a squalid stink-hole hotel.

Aussie Insanity: Brooks and Kurt share about their show in Darwin, Australia, where Brooks has a massive Spotify following. That show started well, with a lot of Brooks adoration, but then went off the rails. They compare that to the show they did a few nights ago in St. Louis, Missouri, where Kurt has a huge following, and Brooks was removed from the stage by the audience.

Lindisfarning and the Dead Jimi Hendrix: Brooks and Kurt share about their performance at the Lindisfarne Festival in Berwick-upon-Tweed, England, in front of an audience 120,000. They also talk about their pet penguin, Dandelion Wine Cooler. And their encounter with the dead Jimi Hendrix.

A Message from Ann Heiserbusch

Hello. I am Ann Heiserbusch. I love beer. But not all beers. I primarily love Budweiser. It’s aged brewing and finest hops make it America’s Greatest Beer. I stand by my declaration and want the world to be enjoying the wonderfulnest of drafts. I am proud of the work that our ambassadors Brooks and Kurt are doing on our behalf. They are converting taps around the world into pouring forth the golden ambrosia of Budweiser.