Where I Went Tonight

I couldn’t sleep tonight. I got out of bed, put on my jeans, shirt, shoes and jacket and went out into the night for a walk.

The sidewalks were empty. A few cars passed. The sky was wide open with stars looking down on me. I walked for a few miles.

I came upon the sound of an owl hooting. I looked around to find its source. I looked up an oak tree and saw glowing eyes. I waved at the owl. The owl raised a wing.

I kept walking. I came to the lake. The moon reflected the tips of the waves and it reminded me of chocolate frosting. A fish came to the surface with an open mouth. I reached into my pocket and took out some almonds. I tossed them to the fish. It caught and swallowed them. The fish nodded to me. I nodded back.

I walked down an empty dirt path by the University. It sounded good to hear my feet scrapping the ground. I was thinking I’d like a CD of walking on dirt. I saw a worm sticking its head out of the dirt. It looked panicked that I might step on it. I stopped and stepped around the worm. The worm relaxed.

I discovered an old rusted Ford in a field. The tires were gone. The wheels were half sunk into the ground. I ran my hand along the car’s surface. The rust was flaky and it felt like stubble. The doors were gone and I slid inside. I sat on the torn seat. I felt peaceful and I got sleepy. I laid down and fell asleep.

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