The Duck

I was sitting at the edge of the pond. The duck swam up to me and said, “Did you bring me any food?” I said I didn’t.

The duck said, “Well, could you go to the store and come back with something, like Cheetos or a loaf of Wonder Bread? I’m awfully hungry.” I said okay and left. But I went back to work instead.

I got a phone call and it was the duck. The duck said, “How much longer are you gonna be?!” I felt badly and said I’d be there soon.

I went to the store, got the bread, and went back to the pond and gave it to the duck. The duck ate the bread, and after a minute complained that it had an upset stomach.

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I was walking down the sidewalk when I saw Friday, drunk and sitting against the wall, drinking from a bottle of Manischewitz wine.

Friday said, “Hey, Brooks, whydoncha’ come and join me?”

I said that I couldn’t because I had things to do.

Friday said, “So doo-whi, but ya dond see me runnin’ round with a cwazy head.”

I said okay, sat down, and took a swig. It was Elderberry and it tasted just like pie!!

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I needed a break and took my rocket ship to Saturn. I like going to Saturn for a couple of reasons. The two weeks to get there always clears out my head. And second, I love flying my rocket through the rings and watching the pieces of ice, dust and rocks scatter off in crazy patterns .
Anyway, I landed on Saturn and got out and went for a walk. I found a pond with purple water, took off my space boots, stepped in and walked barefoot. Strange looking fish with thirty eyes brushed past my feet. I finally got the peace of mind I was looking for.
One of the fish stuck its face out of the water and looked up at me with its many eyes. The fish said I was fouling up the water with my smelly feet. I apologized and said that I’d only brought enough pairs of socks for a week. The fish sighed.
I felt foolish because I thought I should just have apologized and left out the excuse.
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The View

I climbed the tallest tree in the forest. I got up as near the top as I could. The tree top swayed in the wind.

A bird flew by and landed on my head.

I said, “What a view!”

The bird said, “I know. I never get tired of it!”


The Trip

Hi. I was remembering back to when we took our walk around the world. We were doing well all across the United States, but stopped when we got to the Atlantic Ocean. You said if we held our breath underwater, we could keep going. I agreed and we continued going.

After a while of walking on the bottom of the Ocean, I signaled to you that I thought I couldn’t hold my breath anymore. You smiled, gave me a thumbs up, and mouthed, “You can do this.” This renewed my faith.

I was able to hold my breath and keep walking till we surfaced on the beach in Morocco!

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I found this photo of the last time we went dancing.

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