The Igloo

I’m lying on my back looking up at the ceiling of my igloo. I’m worried about it caving in on me. If I were to think positively, it hasn’t yet.


I Saw You

I saw you from the airplane window. You were out for a walk. I waved but you didn’t wave back. Are you upset at me?


What Rexy Said

I was moping around the house.

My dog Rexy said, “You seem down, what’s up?”

I said something about things not going the way they should.

Rexy said, “Your problem is you’re trying to draw a map of the clouds in the sky.”


The List

God: What have you got there?
Brooks: A list of complaints and grievances.
God: How many this time?
Brooks: 137.
God: That’s down from last time.


Wishing Well

I went to the wishing well. I tossed in a quarter.

The wishing well said, “Yes, what is it you wish?”

I said that I wanted to be okay with things as they are.

The wishing well said, “Are you sure you don’t want a Maserati?”

I said no.

The wishing well said, “How about wishing for a million dollars?”

I said no again.

The wishing well said, “I know, don’t you want all of your hair to grow back?”

I shook my head.

The wishing well said, “Okay. I grant you your wish.”

I said I felt exactly the same.

The wishing well said, “Precisely.”