Something new

I regret writing this.

Wait, I just re-read it and changed my mind. I think it’s okay now.


The Hole

I dug a hole in the backyard.

The hole asked, “Why did you dig me?”

I said that I wanted the company.

The hole said, “Okay. Now what?”

I said I didn’t know.

The hole said, “Well, would you fill me with water so I can be a pond?”

I said okay and put the hose in the hole and turned on the water. While the hole was filling up, I hummed.

The hole said, “That’s a nice song.”

I said, “Really? Thanks!”



The Reason

God took me to see a movie called, The Best of Times.

Afterwards God asked, “What did you think?”

I said, “Why did you recommend I see that movie? It was sooo boring. Everyone was happy through the whole movie. Nothing bad happened. There was no suspense or drama. I thought I was going to go out of my head.”

God said, “I wanted you to know why I don’t give you most of the things you pray for.”