My book has only been out a week and it’s already working on the sequel.


The Igloo

I’m lying on my back looking up at the ceiling of my igloo. I’m worried about it caving in on me. If I were to think positively, it hasn’t yet.


I Saw You

I saw you from the airplane window. You were out for a walk. I waved but you didn’t wave back. Are you upset at me?


What Rexy Said

I was moping around the house.

My dog Rexy said, “You seem down, what’s up?”

I said something about things not going the way they should.

Rexy said, “Your problem is you’re trying to draw a map of the clouds in the sky.”


The List

God: What have you got there?
Brooks: A list of complaints and grievances.
God: How many this time?
Brooks: 137.
God: That’s down from last time.