You can never win with Copernicus

You can never win with Copernicus

My friend, Nicolaus Copernicus is in love with life. He is the opposite of me. I think everything is terrible and problematic. I think this is what makes us such good buddies.

For instance, today I woke up with a bad case of the hiccups. I hiccuped so much that the legs of my bed broke. I go so angry at my bed that I chopped it up, threw it outside, and set it on fire. The flames leapt in the air and traveled to Copernicus’ house, which is next door to mine.

His entire house and laboratory burned down. All his research and telescopes were destroyed by the flames. Instead of fretting in despair, he took the time to walk around the flames and ponder. It intuitively came to him that everything rotates around the Sun.

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