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Are you looking to laugh? This book just might be of assistance in that area. Humorist Brooks Palmer helps pull the rug out from under the seriousness of life. With his words of wisdom, short stories, and cartoons, he pokes fun at the human condition in a way that is inclusive and hilarious.

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Screw blue- We decided to forgo the color blue. I felt it represented the blatant and petty nature of the sky, and you blamed the hue for a slight clicking sound in your jaw when you spoke. We assembled our azures, piling them in the backyard. Your poured the gasoline, I lit the match. The flames were high. You mentioned that maybe we'd been hasty. I ran into the house, devouring a "forgotten" blueberry pie. ... Read More
The stroll- I woke up in the am, got out of bed, went outside and began walking. I strolled down the sidewalks in my PJs. I like wearing them because they are light and roomy. I kept going once I reached Magnasun’s Park. Magnasun’s is a field that stretches for miles. I jaunted through its thick grasses. Seeds began amassing on my pajama bottoms. When the sunlight struck them, it looked like I had cricket’s legs. Magnasun’s ended and I entered the north part of town, which is mostly factories and warehouses. I marched at an excited and energetic pace because I’m inspired by long buildings without windows. I like that no one can look out a window at me. Next I came upon the freeway. I walked along the shoulder. Cars and trucks roared by, and occasionally there would be a honk. I sensed that was because there was a tear in the back seat of my PJs. I continued onto the turn off, and after a few minutes came to Mucker’s deli. I went into the back room and to my locker. I opened it and changed into my uniform. I punched in and went into the kitchen. I turned on the burners under the fry surface, added oil, and waited. Jewels the waitress appeared in the order window and placed a customer’s food wishes on the circular order spinner. She said to me, “I feel like a butterfly today, Brooks. Don’t be surprised if you see me fluttering around, in search of nectar.” ... Read More
Jesus and Buddha Some people- I was standing in line with Smokey the Bear to get tickets for a movie. In front of us were Jesus and Buddha. Jesus said to Buddha, "I want to see Bohemian Rhapsody." Buddha said, "No way, I hate Queen." Jesus said, "How can you hate Queen?" Buddha said, "How can you like them?" Jesus said, "Look, it's either that or the turdy movie Aquaman." Buddha said, "I love Aquaman! Let's see that!" Jesus said, "Are you kidding me? I'd rather go back up on the cross!" Buddha pushed Jesus. Jesus slugged Buddha in the stomach. They ended up on the ground in a wrestling match. Smokey and I stepped around them, paw in hand. I said, "I'm thinking of getting Milk Duds." Smokey said, "I wouldn't have it any other way." ... Read More
3 things I remember- We got lost in the woods. You told me you didn't mind, as you never wanted to go home. I said that would be okay, except we would run out of our packaged snacks, and would have to forage for acorns and bark. You said it was ill thinking to consider the future. A tree fell over, almost hitting us. We were cornered by lions in the desert. There were 12 of them. You meowed, hoping to bring out their friendlier versions. I said it would be better to bark, as fierce creatures bow to sharp commands. The lions instead formed a pyramid. You took their photo.We took our seats at Frouber's Restaurant. You ordered the Flamingo. I selected Yak. When our food was delivered, we took our bites, disliking what we ordered. We set down our silverware and sat in silence. Our food came back to life. We brought the bird and bovid home, where they continue to be a source of joy and pang. ... Read More

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