Looking out the window

Looking out the window

God: Watcha’ up to?
Brooks: Just sitting and looking out the window.
God: Would you like to hang out? I’ll take you on psychedelic trip through all 57 Universes.
Brooks: No, I like sitting here.
God: What if we shared a never ending bowl of chocolate marshmallow ice cream?
Brooks: No, thanks.
God: What if I let you be me for a day?
Brooks: I’d rather not.
God: Can I look out the window with you then?
Brooks: Sure.

The Star

The Star

I was lying on my roof looking up at the night sky when I saw a far off light flickering. I thought it was an extraterrestrial signaling to me from its ship, letting me know it was coming to get and bring me home, but that it might be awhile because of the vast distances.

My dog Rexy, who can read my mind, was sitting next to me, and said, “You’re weird, but you’re not that weird.”

The delightful slog

The delightful slog

I climbed six hours to the top of the mountain. Once there, I walked into my guru’s cave.

My guru was polishing a large boulder. He looked up and with irritation said, “What now, Brooks?”

I said, “Oh, Swami, I’m generally dissatisfied. What can I do to get out of my funk?”

My guru looked at me and said, “You like the shirt you are wearing too much to ever take it off.”

I bowed, thanked him, and walked back down the hill.

I went back home and was greeted by my dog Rexy who said, “How did it go?”

I said, “My discontent is as permanent as my skeleton.”

My dog Rexy said, “Great, can we play fetch now?”


Furt the Bear

Furt the Bear comes upon a campsite where people are having a picnic. The people freak out and Furt says that he just wants to sit and enjoy a sandwich with them. The people calm down and Furt takes a seat and eats a PB&J sandwich.

Furt kindly asks if he can have another sandwich. The people say there aren’t enough sandwiches for seconds. Furt tries not to lose it, but does, and tips over the table and the people run away.

Furt eats the rest of the sandwiches now laying on the ground. He doesn’t mind that they are dirty.



I was sitting on the sand looking out at the Ocean. I got restless, stood up, took off my sandals, and walked into the water. I can hold my breath for a really long time, so I wasn’t concerned when my head went under.

I walked for a while. I looked up and around at the fish. I feel calm looking at fish. Some darted around me. Some peeked out of tiny caves. Others moved by in a school swath, looking like one big fish.

I enjoyed feeling the wet sand between my toes as I walked. It tingled in an erotic way.

I lost track of time. I needed to catch a breath. I swam towards the surface. Once up there I tread water. I liked the feeling of the water carrying me up and down.

I looked back and couldn’t see the land. I felt tired. I started swimming towards where I had come from. Eventually I saw the beach way far off. I began to get a cramp.

That’s when a whale lifted me up out of the water, carrying me on its back. I pat its skin to show I was grateful.

The whale was swimming away from the beach. I leaned towards its ear hole and asked if it could go the other direction. The whale continued on.

I lay back and felt the Sun on me.