I found this photo of the last time we went dancing.

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The Well

I went to the well for water. I dropped the bucket into the well and watched it splash into the water below. The water flew up towards my face. I leaned forward too far to try and drink it, and fell in.

While down there, I cupped water to my mouth and took a few gulps. Then I climbed the bucket’s rope till I got to the top, and got out. I was drenched.

I smiled at my dog Rexy, who had accompanied me to the well. She said, “You seem to have no qualms about looking like an idiot.” I agreed. I said that it keeps me sprightly.

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Disasters explained?

Brooks: God, how come there are natural disasters, like fires and floods?
God: I don’t know.
Brooks: Wait, what?! But you’re, God. You’re supposed to know everything.
God: “Supposed” is the operative word.
Brooks: Well, if you don’t know, who does?
God: I don’t know. But if you meet them, let me know. I have a lot of questions of my own.


A picture from the last time we got together.

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Hands! They’re amazing. And they’re attached to us. How’d we get so lucky?

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