Wowdy the cloud

Wowdy the cloud

I was woken by a muffled rubbing sound coming from my window. I looked up from my bed to see my cloud friend, Wowdy just outside. I opened the window.

I said, “Good morning, Wowdy.”

Wowdy the cloud said, “Good morning, Brooks. Would you like to go for a ride?”

I said, “Yes!” I climbed out the window onto Wowdy, who took off into the sky.

Wowdy flew over Lake Rickety Sticks, and Old Mountain Bowser, and the Mighty Mini Woods of Besty Pants, while I “Ooohed” and “Awwed.”

Wowdy the cloud said, “What do you wanna do now?”

I said, “I’m awfully hungry for breakfast.”

Wowdy the cloud said, “No worries,” and flew up to a Pelican whose name turned out to be Rigsby. After a brief discussion, Rigsby laid an egg into my palm. Then Wowdy flew near the Sun. I held up the egg which quickly hard-boiled. It was delicious!

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