I was playing guitar in my kitchen. A squirrel came to the ledge by my kitchen window. She tapped on the glass to the time of the rhythm of my playing. I was excited to have a fan, and played the chords more strongly. She began to dance. I was amazed because I’d heard that humans are the only animals that dance to music.

When I finished the song, I opened the window and she came in. I got out some almond butter and put it on a plate and set it on the kitchen table. She helped herself.

While she ate, I made up a song about her:

“She laps up the day, with her tiny bites,
I think of her leaping from tree branches under the pale moon light,
She’s Sheila McSquirrely, she lives in a penthouse leafy nest,
and she’s my lunch time guest.”

Sheila said, “That’s amazing that you can make up songs so easily.

I said, “I’m in awe of your ability to climb up and down a tree with just your spiky finger nails.”

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