Some time in the hole

Some time in the hole

I dug a hole in my backyard and got in. I said I liked the smell of the dirt. The dirt didn’t respond. A worm stuck its head out of the dirt and said hello. The worm and I talked for a while. Then the worm went back into the dirt.

I fell asleep in the hole. I woke up. The daylight was gone. I was surrounded by warm pelts. They expanded and contracted. Creatures were burrowed and breathing against me. Because it was dark, I couldn’t tell what kind of creatures. I closed my eyes and imagined we were one animal.

It began to rain. I felt the water on my face, the only uncovered part of my body. The creatures began to stir but not wake as the drops coated them. Soon it smelt musky. I relaxed and fell back asleep.

When I woke, the creatures were gone. I was submerged up to my chin in water. I was shivering. I tried to get out of the hole, but my muscles were stiff. I had to flex them repeatedly in order to get some movement going. I manged to get out of the hole. It was still dark.

I went into my house. My dog Rexy got up from her doggy bed and sniffed me. She said I smelt like raccoons. I said I was glad to know. She asked where I’d been. I said I dug a hole and spent some time in it with some unknown animals.

I was still shivering. Rexy said I ought to take a warm bath. I got the water going and got in to the tub. I shook while in the bath and water spilled out onto the bathroom floor.

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