Water speaks up

Water speaks up


I stood on the beach, looking out at the ocean.

The ocean said, “Hey, why you looking at me?!”

I said that it was comforting.

The ocean said, “Not to me it isn’t.”

I said I was sorry and walked back to my car. I drove home, went in and began to prepare dinner. I washed lettuce under the faucet.

The water coming out of the tap said, “You think you can make me do whatever you want?!”

I said I was sorry and turned off the water. I dried off the lettuce, put it in a bowl, and added dressing. I sat down and began eating the salad. I realized I was thirsty. I almost got up and got a glass of water from the faucet, but I didn’t want any trouble.

I finished my salad and put the bowl in the sink but didn’t wash it.

I watched some television. After a couple of hours I got drowsy and turned off the television. I got up and changed into my pajamas. I brushed my teeth, but I didn’t rinse off the toothbrush.

I turned out the light and got into bed. I lay there and was almost asleep when I heard a, “psssst” coming from the wall behind my bed.

I said, “Yes, what is it?”

From the wall I heard, “It’s me, the water in the pipes. I’m sorry I was harsh with you. Sometimes I get crazy from the constant demands. I promise I won’t get upset again if you need me.”

I accepted the water’s apology. I got up and went into the kitchen. I got out a glass and turned on the faucet. I drank the glass of water.

I went back to bed. I lay there and shook my hips back and forth. I could hear the water slosh around in my stomach.

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