Help from the cloud

Help from the cloud


My car wasn’t working and I needed to get to work. So I went out to the backyard, and looked up at the sky. When a cloud finally drifted by, I waved and called out. The cloud stopped and said, “Yes, what is it?”

I said, “My car isn’t working. Would you mind giving me a lift downtown?”

The cloud said, “I suppose so.”

The cloud came down to me, and I stepped on. The cloud lifted and headed towards the city. I looked down onto the land. It was a remarkable view.

Soon we were over downtown. I said, “Down there by the tall gray building would be fine.” The cloud descended to the city, and then the sidewalk before my workplace. I got off and thanked the cloud.

I went in and went to work. At the end of the day, I was outside again and realized I had no way of getting home. By now it was dark out, and I wasn’t able to tell if there were any clouds available. I had no choice but to walk home.

I had walked a few blocks when I heard a, “Hey, you” from above. I answered back in the affirmative.

It was the cloud. It turns out the cloud had waited for me, but when I had left the building, hadn’t noticed because it was having a chat with another cloud.

I got on the cloud and we headed home.

The cloud said, “How was work?”

I said, “It was okay. I actually got a lot done…I’m surprised you waited for me.”

The cloud said, “Me too. When I dropped you off in the morning, I was all set to drift most of the day, and then perhaps rain into a lake and visit some friends. But then I changed my mind and hung around as a mist until you were done with work.”

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