A Cent

I was counting out change to feed the parking meter when I turned into a copper one-cent piece. I fell onto the ground. I felt helpless because I was no longer me with hands and other assets. I was just this penny on the ground.

I started to panic. “How can I reverse this?” “What if I stay a penny for the rest of my life?” “No one cares about pennies!!”

But then the sunlight hit me. I was warmed. Plus I shined. Suddenly I felt valuable. I remembered that I have the backing of the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Mint behind me. I actually do mean something.

But then someone stepped on me and I sunk into the mud. I was underground.

A worm introduced itself and said it takes a while to get used to being underground. And then the worm pointed out that copper originally came from the earth, so it’s kind of like I was coming home.

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