When I was six I visited the circus for the first time with my family. It was so exciting for me to see the elephants, acrobats and tigers. I loved the circus music. I stuffed myself on cotton candy.

But then tragedy struck. My dad went to get some popcorn. A few minutes later there was a big commotion. Someone said there was a terrible accident out by the concession stand. I ran out to see. That’s when I saw that my dad had been run over by the clown car.

The clown car’s door opened. One by one the clowns got out. Eventually there were 16 clowns standing around and looking down at my dad’s unconscious body.

I walked over and pushed my way through the clowns. I cried. One of the clowns gave me a flower. I held it in my hands. Water squirted out of the flower and sprayed my dad’s face. My dad woke up. He looked up at the clown’s faces and then mine. He smiled.

I said, “Oh, my God, I love the circus!”

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