I have a pet antelope. Her name is Daisy Chain. We like to take walks. We walk at night because otherwise people ask a lot of questions. “Oh, my God, is that an antelope?”

Last night Daisy Chain and I walked to the lake. We sat on the water’s edge.

Daisy Chain said, “Isn’t it funny how the dirt sits here and the water sits there? Everything has its place.”

I said, “But overtime things switch places. Continents move. Water floods the land. Sometimes they share the same space. There’s water in the land, and land in the water.”

Daisy Chain said, “Life is a paradox.”

I remembered my pet iguana, Ferdinand. Ferdi never said a thing. I used to shine a light in one of Ferdi’s ears and a solid beam of light would come out the other ear. I used to forget all my problems when I hung out with Ferdi.

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