What’s the point?

What’s the point?

I went to the pond. I brought a loaf of bread to feed the ducks. The ducks looked at me as I broke off pieces of the bread and threw them in the pond. The ducks didn’t eat them.

I said, “Hey, ducks. I thought you like bread?” One of the ducks said, “Well, you thought wrong.” I said, “What do you like to eat?” The same duck said, “We like cake.” I said, “Cake is like bread, but with frosting.” A different duck chimed in, “The ‘but’ means it’s not the same thing.”

I said, “What kind of cake would you like?” One duck said, “Carrot Cake.” Another said, “Pound cake.” The other ducks told me 14 other kinds of cake. I wrote it all down.

I went to Abner’s Cake Emporium and bought the 16 cakes. I drove the cakes back to the duck pond and brought them to the water’s edge. But the ducks were gone. Swans were swimming in the pond.

One of the swans said, “What have you got?” I read off the list of cakes. Another swan said, “What makes you think we like cake?”

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