In Line With the Boss

I was standing in line next to Bruce Springsteen at Walmart. It was circumstance. We don’t know each other. I’ve probably stood in line with over 20,000 people. I often think, “Wow, I never knew this person existed until now. It’s like I invented them in my mind for this story about standing in line.” But in some ways, I’m in their story.

The line with Bruce wasn’t moving. The cashier called for a manager and was waiting.

I said to Bruce, “I’m sorry, but I haven’t gotten your new album, The Promise.”

Bruce said, “What do you do?”

I said, “I wrote a book about clutter.”

Bruce said, “I’m sorry I haven’t gotten your clutter book.”

I said, “I have a copy. Would you like it?”

I carry my clutter book with me wherever I go. I’ve done so few things in my life that prove I’m worthwhile. In the end we have to do our own PR.

Bruce said, “Sure. Would you like a copy of my new album?”

I nodded. He got a copy off the CD and DVD shelf of last minute purchases. I couldn’t believe Bruce was going to buy me a copy of his album. I got my book free from my publisher.

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