The Wishing Well

I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic. I got up, went outside to my backyard, sat down by my private wishing well and woke it up.

The wishing well said, “W-w-what’s going on?”

I said that I’d had a terrible dream in which I was drowning in quicksand. The wishing well said, “And?” I said that I wanted to wish for safety, security, and stability.

 The wishing well said, “Okay.”

I instantly transformed into water sitting at the bottom of the well. I asked what the hell happened.

The wishing well said, “This is perfect because when you’re water, no matter what happens to you, you adapt to a different but essentially same form of yourself.”

I got angry and began to boil. I became steam rising up to the sky until I became a cloud. I couldn’t believe the view!

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