oh, hi…I wasn’t expecting you. Come on in.

I was sitting around thinking of a story that I could tell you when you stopped by.

I was mulling over one about a polar bear who doesn’t like living in the arctic. He shaves himself and moves to Central America. He moves into a cave with a Grizzly Bear he met online. The thing is he couldn’t stand the heat. He can’t move back up north without his coat. He ends up moving to a zoo in North Carolina. He loses his motivation and sulks and families that visit his cage end up complaining. He’s fired and sent packing.

The polar bear wanders through the Smokey Mountains and gives up and decides to kill himself. He stands at the edge of a cliff, ready to jump, when he’s interrupted by a squirrel who tells him, “Look, no one’s happy. Most of the time we’re a mixture of emotions. We get confused and depressed when we think we should only be one of them.” The polar bear relaxes. He gets a job as a forest tour guide. He’s been there two years and last week he found out he was picked as employee of the year.

Yes, I think that will be today’s selection. I hope you don’t mind being here for the behind the scenes.

I wish I had some snacks for you. I made some cookies earlier. The thing is they were delicious. So, you know, well…I ate them.

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