clouds and the milksop

I stuck my head out the window of my home and looked up at the cloudy sky. I cleared my throat and began to address the clouds, when the clouds said, “Yes, what is it?!”

I said, “Um, would you…”

The clouds said, “Would we what?!”

I said, “Ah, nothing” and went back into my house.

My dog Rexy looked up at me with disapproval.

My dog Rexy let herself out. I heard her bark. I heard the clouds respond. Rexy cut them off with a ferocious volley of barks. The clouds were silent. The sunshine came through the window.

Rexy let herself back in and said, “Okay, now can we go for a walk?”

2 Responses to “Milksop”

  1. Julia Mossbridge says:

    Nice work, Rexy!!

  2. Brooks says:


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