My Morning Walk

I took the morning off and walked along the beach. It felt good to breathe in the sea air. I looked off into the horizon and forgot about my cares.

I was soon distracted by the smell of sulfur. I looked back to the land and saw that the volcano was erupting. Bright orange lava was flowing from the mountain top and heading in my direction.

I remembered back to a pretend lava kit that my dad and I got from Radio Shack when I was a kid. We put it together in the basement. We added the chemicals and instantly smoke and a lava like substance came out of the plastic mountain. It set off the fire alarm. The neighbors heard the sound and called the fire department.

The firemen busted down our front door carrying fire hoses. They sprayed everything with water. My mom screamed at them to stop. My dog bit a fireman. My dad punched a fireman. I continued watching the lava because I knew it would be put out soon and I didn’t want to miss a single second.

I came back to the real lava on the island. It was a few feet from me. The beauty of the luminous orange brought tears to my eyes. To be safe I went into the water. I treaded. It watched the lava flow into the sea. Steam rose like a geyser.

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