Some dumb things I did this week, so far

Some dumb things I did this week, so far

dumb things I did this week

1. I was riding my bike on the Moon when I shot up a crater and went sailing into the Moon’s atmosphere. I kept peddling like crazy, but it didn’t make a difference as I floated slowly forward, then sideways, followed by upside down.

2. I was tracing my hand on paper, I really like to trace my hand and had already done over fifty tracings, when I was visited by the ghost of Abigail Adams. She wanted to do a tracing. I handed her the pen, but it went right through her hand because she’s a ghost.

3. I climbed Mount Everest. When I got to the top, I did  a victory jig, fists raised in the air. But then a hawk alighted on my head and I felt undone, and sulked all the way back down the mountain.

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