A surprise in the Clementine Forest

I was out for a walk in the Clementine forest when I came across President Donald Trump. He was out by himself. There weren’t even any Secret Service agents accompanying him.

I introduced myself and said, “I had no idea that you liked clementines.”

He said, “What do you mean?”

I said, “We’re surrounded by Clementine trees.”

He said, “I didn’t notice.”

I suggested he try one of the multitudes of the fruit. He shrugged. So I picked one and offered it to him. He didn’t seem that interested. So I peeled the clementine.

He said, “It smells okay.”

I said, “It tastes better.”

He took the peeled fruit and pulled off a section and ate it. He didn’t seem to like the taste. He spit it out.

The chewed piece of clementine sank into the ground. A sprout of a new seedling shot out. It grew into a nine foot tree, followed by instant buds, and then fresh clementines.

He didn’t notice and walked away.

I thought about that song by the Fixx called, One Thing Leads to Another.

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