Making Things Better

I was laying out on my hammock when a crow flew across my deck and landed on my chest. I opened my eyes and saw the crow’s beady eyes looking into mine. Normally I’m a big fan of birds. Last week I let my niece’s canary sit on my head and I didn’t get mad and shove it off when it pooped on me.

But this crow was disturbing my afternoon take it easy.

I said, “What?”

The crow said, “You’re on my hammock.”

I said, “Perhaps yours looks like mine and you’re mistaken.”

The crow said, “I’m never wrong.”

I said, “I used to think that way, and it turns out I was wrong.”

The crow said, “I’m gonna peck out your eye.”

I said, “Seriously, are you hungry? Is that the problem?”

The crow sighed and said, “…I lost my baby blue hat. It flew off in the wind earlier and I’ve been in a bad state since.”

I said, “Where did you lose your hat?”

The crow told me and we went there to look for it. After about a half hour I found it. The crow was so happy. It put it’s baby blue hat on and was singing up a storm. It even imitated a robin!!

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