From the mice to the bears!

From the mice to the bears!

I just finished the 21st draft of the yours truly Brooks story memoir.

šŸ‘ I’ve printed up four copies and I’m going to distribute them to well thought out appropriate places.

šŸ The first I’ll drop off where the field meets the forest. This will allow the creatures from both worlds to read my book. Or as I like to say, from the mice to the bears. šŸ»

šŸŽ² The second one I’ll set down on a folding table at the Soak-n-Suds laundromat in Ottumwa, Iowa. I have a lot of fans in this charming city that also like doing laundry.

šŸ”„ The third one I’ll drop in my recycling bin because I really like to recycle.

šŸ—½ The fourth one I’ll leave on a bench on 59th Street in Manhattan. It’s a bench right next to Central Park that a lot of publishers sit at for lunch. I’ve heard this is how J.D. Salinger got A Catcher in the Rye published.

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