Body Work

I have a part-time job at the Crematorium. I think I got the job because I listed on my resume that one of my hobbies is enjoying burning logs in my fireplace.

I like my job. The people that I have to deal with are easy to get along with because they are dead.

There wasn’t much training for this job. I was given a one page instruction sheet which says,”Put the dead body onto a metal tray. Flick the on switch. Make sure the body doesn’t fall off as it slides on the tray into the cremation oven. Wait five minutes and turn off the switch. Sweep the ash into an urn. Smile.”

While working yesterday, I thought about how unimportant we are when we’re dead. It’s kind of like we become yesterday’s newspapers. Yesterday we got a lot of attention. Today we go into the recycling bin.

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