It’s Hard to Make Everyone Happy

Every once in a while I take my skeleton out of my body and clean it. I use tooth brushes, sponges and dish detergent. I rub and scrub until the bones shine white. Then I let the bones dry in the sunlight. Then I put my skeleton back in my body. I feel more flexible and energized.

I wrote a book about self-skeleton cleaning. Actually it’s more of a pamphlet. It’s called Self-Skeleton Cleaning. It’s an e-book. I’ve sold over 775 copies. Occasionally I get an email from someone who read my book. Most are complimentary.

But one person derided me because they left their skeleton out to dry in the sunlight and some dogs came upon the bones and ran off with them. This person had to buy a skeleton from a science catalog. The skeleton belonged to a once living person who was much bigger then him. As a result the individual writing me could no longer fit into any of his clothes. He had to buy a new wardrobe.

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