Sun Shined

My lungs weren’t feeling well. So I took them out and set them in the sunlight. I couldn’t do anything in the meanwhile except wait. I need my lungs to respirate my body.

So I waited. I didn’t have any thoughts because no oxygen was getting to my brain. I can’t say that it was nice or uncomfortable. I didn’t have the capacity to judge. In retrospect I felt like a shirt on a hanger in a closet. Not waiting to be worn, but just hanging.

At one point a blue jay landed next to my lungs. It whistled to my lungs. The lungs didn’t respond. The blue jay whistled again. Nothing. The blue jay flew off.

When the sun started to go down, I put my lungs back in. I took a deep breath. It lasted so long. I thought, “Wow, this is a long breath.”

I noticed that I felt better. It’s amazing what the sun can do.

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