This morning I got up early, picked up my fishing pole and walked down to the stream to catch breakfast. An hour went by and I hadn’t caught anything.

Across the stream I saw an antelope. It was eating from a box of Cheerios. The antelope noticed me and held up the box, basically inviting me over to join him. I waded over. The antelope held out the box and I grabbed a handful of cereal. I ate it. I grabbed another handful and put it in my pocket. I nodded thank you and waded back over and went back home.

My wife greeted me. She said, “Did you catch anything?”

I reached in my pocket and pulled out the Cheerios. I put it in a bowl and got some milk from the fridge. I added a spoon and handed it to her. She started eating it.

She said, “Thanks, this is delicious!”

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