Our Pet

I own a pet Rhino. Her name is Sheila. She sleeps most of the day. She mostly eats grass from the backyard. Her figure is imposing. She weighs over a ton. But she walks with great delicacy. When she brushes up against me it feels like tall blowing grass. On Christmas she doesn’t mind letting me drape her with garland and putting a Santa hat on her head.

She is part of the family. When my kids come home from work, Sheila greets them at the door. She happily lets them ride around the backyard on her back. She sleeps at the foot of my wife and mine’s bed. Her deep breathing lulls us into a deep sleep ourselves.

And to think this all occurred by a mistake. Five years ago my family and I went to the local pound. There was a bald mutt puppy that everyone was overlooking. We fell for her. We took her home that day. We were surprised over the next few weeks when her hair didn’t grow back and she increased greatly in size. A few months later we brought her to the vet and he told us the truth of the situation. He said we could donate her to the local zoo. We conferenced and decided that she was staying with us.

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