What I Found In My Time Capsule

I dug up my time capsule from 1985. Here’s what I found in it:

1. A photo of Ronald Regan in swim shorts. He looked good!

2. A copy of “1984” by George Orwell. I had written on the inside cover, “Just because you hit your thumb by accident with the hammer three times on the same day doesn’t mean you need to write about it.”

3. A rock. I used to enjoy collecting rocks.

4. A signed photo of Linda Ronstadt. The inscription read, “Thanks for being a fan. I’m sorry, but I don’t know Ronald Regan.”

5. A note to myself. It read, “How are things in 2009? I hope they are better than the bullshitola of 1985. This year sucks ass!!! Love, Brooks”

6. A package of Tang I saved from my Time Capsule from 1971. I added it to some water and it tasted great!

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