I am a pep-talker for motivational speakers. I get them excited before they go out and give their talk.

It turns out it’s unnatural to be motivated. We are built for fear. We have inherited the “beware of what might eat you” genes from our ancestors. Cave men never needed to be positive and inspiring.

Today I worked with Anthony Robbins before he went out and speak to a convention hall filled with 15,000 people. He was nervous that he would suck, that the audience would throw things at him, that they might even set him on fire. He was in his bewareness.

I told him that he was the Modigliani of inspiration. He could inspire a gnat to fly into a bird’s mouth. I got Tony up and running around the room, punching the air and saying to himself, “I’m too big to be eaten by anyone!!” He ran out of the room, and into the hall, and was met with thunderous applause. He did an amazing job.

I hire my own pep-talker to get me inspired to motivate the speakers. She’s an 82 year old retiree. She tells me, “If you don’t do a good job, they won’t pay you, you won’t be able to eat, and you’ll die!”

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