Walk-About Part Two

While I was out in the desert on my Walk-About, I came upon a lizard.

I said, “Lizard, would you like to come and stay with me? I’ll build you a nice terrarium and feed you plenty of crickets.”

The Lizard said, “I appreciate the offer. It’s hard to say no to a terrarium. But I’m not good with walls.”

I said, “I feel the same way. But I don’t think I’d do well living out in the open like this. I’m sure I would become some creature’s food.”

The Lizard said, “I’m certain I’ll one day be someone’s lunch. But until then, this is nice.”

I thought, “This is a sign from the Universe. I’m going to live in the outdoors and become a whole man. Finally, the answer is here.”

That night I lay down on the desert floor to sleep. I felt invincible. I used a rock for a pillow and was asleep in seconds.

I woke up that night to the sound of chewing. I shined my iPhone light towards the sound. A coyote was trying to eat through my boot.

I said, “I would appreciate you stopping.”

The Coyote said, “I could do that, but once you sleep, my nature will make me eat your foot.”

I thanked the coyote for his honesty. I got up and walked back to my car.

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