I woke up in a cave

I woke up in a cave

I woke up in a cave. I forgot how I got there. I stood up and went outside. I looked around. I was in the middle of the woods. I didn’t know which direction to head and started walking.

After a few minutes it started to rain. I wasn’t wearing a raincoat and didn’t have an umbrella. I was soon soaked and I shivered. I looked for a tree that would block the rain. They all had some rain dripping through the branches and leaves.

One of the trees had a hollow at its base. I ran in and sat down next to a porcupine and mongoose. The warmth from their bodies was strong and soon I stopped shaking.

It rained for a while. None of us said anything.

The rain water began to collect around our feet. I began to shiver again and went back out.

I walked for a few miles while I hugged myself for warmth but it wasn’t helping.

I came to a house and knocked. A bear answered. I tried to talk through my shivering, but the bear couldn’t understand me. The bear invited me in and sat me down by the fire. I warmed up and stopped shivering.

I shared with the bear about how my day had started in the cave. The bear asked where the cave was located. I told him generally where it was. The bear said it might have been the cave where he had once lived. The bear said he moved out 13 years ago. He’d been living in the house ever since.

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