A thing I did for the lion

A thing I did for the lion

I was at the zoo and the lion motioned me towards it’s cage. I got close, but not as close as the lion urged. The lion asked me if I had any catnip or knew where I could get some. I said I didn’t have any, but they sold it by the box at Smellner’s Pet Emporium. The lion asked me if I would get 12 boxes. I asked the lion if it had any money. They lion threw out a fifty dollar bill. I said I would be back.

I went to Smellner’s and came back with 12 boxes of Jeeber’s Brand catnip. I stood near the lion’s cage and threw in the catnip, one box at a time. One of the boxes hit the bars of the cage and landed just outside. The lion asked me to get the box and toss it in. I said that was too close for comfort. The lion promised it wouldn’t reach out and hurt me. I refused. The lion asked again and I refused.

The lion sighed and asked me if there was any change from the fifty. I nodded and took the $13.42 and crumpled the bills and coins together along with the receipt and tossed them into the cage. The lion uncrumpled it and looked at the receipt and counted the money. The lion said thanks. I nodded and left.

I went by the bear’s cage. The bear asked me if I had any salmon. I said I didn’t. Actually I had some salmon jerky in my coat pocket, but I’m not prone to sharing.

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