A sleep-walking time-travel trip

A sleep-walking time-travel trip

I went sleep walking and got into the time-machine and somehow finagled the controls and time-traveled to July 17 the year 7428. I know because I woke up when the time-machine crashed into water and I read the destination time on the lighted dashboard as we sank. I got upset with myself and bubble-worded, “Geez, Brooks!”

I tried to reset a new destination. But the water must have gotten into the electronics and the lights shorted out. I hugged the time-machine and tried swim-kicking my feet upwards back to the surface. It managed to get in the flow-stream of a school of minnows that propelled me and the time-machine up to the air and waves.

I floated in the time-machine like a boat. I lay back and tried to collect my thoughts. The sky was dark. Strange shapes flew low over me. One landed in the boat and gripped my right leg in its jaws. I reached down and grabbed my club. Clubs are essential for time-travel trips. Using a heavy club to hit something that is trying to hurt you proves to be a good defense at all times. I hit the creature and it collapsed. I pulled its jaws off my leg and dropped it over the side of the boat. I was bleeding. I talked to my leg and said, “Cut it out,” and my leg said, “I’m sorry,” and it stopped bleeding.

I didn’t want to be future creature chum so I set out to repair the time machine. I opened the hood and fiddled with the electronics. The fwoup wire was soaked through. I sucked out the water. I flipped the start switch. The dashboard lights came back on. I typed in September 12, 2020 and punched the “Go” button.

I was back in my living room of today. Water flowed out of the time-machine and soaked my rug. The water reached the outlet behind my television and sparks and smoke shot out of my TV and the screen busted.

I got out of the time-machine and went into the bathroom and dried myself off with a towel. Exhausted I sat down on the toilet and shivered.

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