Today’s time-travel trip!

Today’s time-travel trip!

I took my time-machine back to April of 1775 and landed on a ship sailing the Atlantic Ocean. It was exciting like a roller coaster because the waves were choppy and the ship would sail high up on a wave and then come crashing back down. I yelled, “Weeeeeeeh” as I slide all the way to the back of the ship. I would have flipped off and landed in the ocean if I hadn’t been caught and saved by the famous Captain John Paul Jones. He yelled, “Gotcha!”

He asked how I got on the ship. I told him I’d time-traveled. He was curious and wanted to know more. I gave him a copy of my New York Times bestseller, “Time-Travelin’: A Fun Thing to Do in Your Free Time.” He asked me to sign it, which I did. He started to read it. I said he didn’t need to keep me company. He nodded and went back to his cabin to read my book.

I stayed on the deck. I looked out at the water. I love water. Water is the main ingredient in my self-made time-travel machine. I added it because water’s flexible. Anything that can change from ice to water to steam and essentially still be the same thing is the grease that allows me to slip through the time portals.

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