Better Late Than Dead! The Book

Better Late Than Dead! The Book

Are you looking to laugh? Better Late Than Dead just might be of assistance in that area. Humorist Brooks Palmer helps pull the rug out from under the seriousness of life. With his words of wisdom, short stories, and cartoons, he pokes fun at the human condition in a way that is inclusive and hilarious. Order it today!

“Brooks Palmer is the Philosopher King of Comedy. He is a time-traveling yogi who speaks with God and listens in on the Sun and the Moon as they quarrel. He is the master of the anti-punchline. His comedy is a Möbius strip of depth and simplicity forming one continuous side of thought-provoking, philosophical humor, always with a unique point of view. This book is his invitation to go on a journey with him and seethe universe in a different way. Trust me, you will feel special having made the trip.”
Craig Shaynak , author of Fat, Bald, and Loud

Better Late Than Dead! is a hilarious collection of cartoons and writings that one might think could have only been concocted by a hybrid of Shel Silverstein and Jack Handey. But fortunately the delightfully twisted mind of Brooks Palmer has done it instead. His observations on life and quirky encounters with God and a host of random characters (like the ghost of Woodrow Wilson and Igor Stravinsky) made me laugh with every page. “
Marc Hartzman , author of American Sideshow and The Embalmed Head of Oliver Cromwell: A Memoir

“Sly, witty, wise and humorous in a satisfyingly subtle way that no mere comedian or comic writer could possibly match, this is a book that you will ponder over, read out loud to friends, and read to yourself again and again — the first time with delight, and after that with an appreciation for just how original a work it really is.”
Michael Antman, author of Cherry Whip (ENC Press)

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