Waldo the lion

Waldo the lion

I was out for walk when I came across a lion.

The lion said, “Hey, I’m Waldo.”

I said, “Hi, I’m Brooks.”

Waldo said, “How’s it going?”

I said, “So far so good. How about you?”

Waldo said, “To be honest, I’m a little hungry.”

I said, “I have an Peanut Butter bar. Would you like it?”

Waldo said, “I’ve never had peanut butter. What’s it taste like?”

I said, “Kind of nutty I guess.”

Waldo said, “Sure, thanks, I’ll try it.”

I gave the bar to Waldo. He gently unwrapped it with his tremendously large paws and took a bite.

Waldo said, “It tastes okay.”

I said, “Did you escape from the zoo?”

Waldo said, “No. I used to work for the circus. I got tired of it. I quit about a week ago. I’ve been wandering out and about.”

I said, “Would you like to be my pet?”

Waldo said, “What does that mean?”

I said, “You would live with me. I would feed you. I’d pet you and take you for walks.”

Waldo said, “That sounds nice. What would it cost?”

I said, “It would be free.”

Waldo said, “Sure, that sounds nice.”

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