Some things we’ve done

Some things we’ve done

I like to think about things we’ve done.

Like the time we went to the Grand Canyon. I said I was hungry. You leapt from the cliff top and dove down into the canyon. You flew around like a hawk. You caught a dove in your mouth and flew back to the top. I took the dove and cooked it in our portable Coleman grill with some naturally growing tarragon. We sat on camp stools and ate the dove off paper plates. You said it was better than anything you’d eaten in a restaurant. This made me feel good because for years I’d had a lack of confidence about my cooking skills.

And then there was when we went to Paris and visited the Eiffel Tower. When we got to the top, the Tower began to tip over. But we were okay because as it was falling, you suggested we run as fast as we could down the stairs, which was becoming a mostly even direction. We did, and just before the Tower hit the ground, we stepped off gently onto the lawn. We went to have lunch at Le Jules Verne Restaurant. While we ate, we could hear sirens in the background. Someone at a nearby table asked what was happening. You said the Eiffel Tower had fallen over. They said that was preposterous. But we knew better.

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