I’ve always been around

I’ve always been around

I’ve always been around. Well, not always. Mostly always. I wasn’t around for the Big Bang. Nor a little while after that. But then I was. And I found myself naturally wandering around the planet every day. When it got dark, I’d sit and wait for the lights to come back on so I could see the things.

There were no other people, or animals yet. I did however talk with mountains, trees, and rocks. When I say talk, it wasn’t like this. It was grunts, tones, and hums. They were an expression of my emotions in the moment.

I was naked. I didn’t wear shoes. The bottoms of my feet were like rawhide. I never got sick. Except occasionally I’d get a headache. But even that was another thing to talk to. I assumed that the pain in my head was a visitor.

I’ve been asked if I had a mom or dad. Not in the traditional sense. I think I might have previously been split off an amoeba, and then developed into bacteria, and then some other things until I became the person. This is conjecture because I have no memories of the befores.

Way back when, it was easy to walk over the land of the Earth because there was only one continent. They hadn’t split off yet. The thing is, I didn’t know the Earth was round. I thought it was one continuous plain that never ended.

I had no concept of time. There was dark then light then back to dark again, and so on. But I didn’t think of minutes burning off of my life till it was used up. It guess you could say it seemed like always.

I remember when I first saw a reptile. It was tiny. I thought it was a rock that was being blown by the wind. But then I noticed it wasn’t windy. I got curious and lay down on the ground to watch it more closely. I saw that it had orbs on its face that moved around a lot like mine. I got so close that it bit my nose.

Eventually the lizards got really big. I remember one of the big lizards ran up to me and tried to eat my foot. That hurt a lot and I ran away. A bunch of lizards ran after me. I climbed a tree and waited a long time. That was a shitty period. Until the asteroid hit and things got easier again.

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