Some time with Gluck

Things were slow, so I took my time machine back to 1746, Prague, and the office of composer Christoph Willibald Gluck. Gluck was sitting at his desk, pen in hand, writing musical notes on paper. I asked what he was working on. I startled him, and he knocked over his inkwell, staining the paper black.

He let out the longest sigh. I noticed because everything else was so quiet due to the complete absence of electronic devices.

Gluck looked up at me and said that he “had” been composing a trio sonata for the nameday celebrations of King Charles VII of Naples. I said I was sorry and asked if I could make up for my intrusion by writing the song myself. Gluck agreed.

I wrote, “King Charles, there’s something about you./ K.C., you are spectacular in your kingy ways/your crown is one of the shiniest/may you always be king, until you decide to do something else.”

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