The Angel

An angel showed up. I asked the angel if it would help me win the lottery.

The angel said, “Nope.”

I asked again, this time saying that I would split the winnings.

The angel said, “I’m not any good at granting desires.”

I asked what the angel was good at.

The angel said, “Smoking. Do you have a cigarette?”

I said that I didn’t smoke. I mentioned that I used to be addicted to Just Like Dad candy cigarettes when I was a kid. I couldn’t afford my habit and shoplifted four to five packs a day from the 7-11. I was cavalier about it and I never got caught.

The angel said, “That’s because I was protecting you.”

I said that if the angel was protecting me, how come it let me develop an addiction in the first place.

The angel said, “I know, it doesn’t make any sense.”

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