Second Sun

Late last night while playing guitar, I was visited by the ghost of Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of the band Nirvana.

I actually stood up to greet him. Some celebrities bring out the enamors in me. The magic juice flows and I’m inebriated.

Kurt told me to sit down. He said one of the greatest things is sitting. It means there’s no better place to be than this chair.

Kurt asked me to play one of my songs. I played him Second Sun. It’s about the day the Sun split in two and there were two Suns. One on each side of the planet. So there were no more night times. People never slept. It was fun till they got really tired. But they couldn’t sleep because it wasn’t dark. So people had to dig holes in the ground, just like desert critters, so they could get some sleep. The Second Sun got angry and crashed into the Earth, but people were underground so they were okay. The Second Sun gave up and flew away.

Kurt cried. He said that he thought he would stop crying when he died. But it wasn’t so. I said you can’t escape your nature.

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