Hydra of Lerna

I answered my door and there was the seven-headed dragon beast, the Hydra of Lerna. I noticed there’s a thing about coming into contact with something so deadly I could be killed easily in the next second. I was excited and relaxed. I actually thought, “Oh, I’m going to die. Finally I get to have the big experience!” I realized I spent most of my life in fear of what was about the happen. I thought, “What a waste of my valuable time.”

I was disappointed when the Hydra of Lerna told me it was selling cookies to raise money for a chess club that it belonged to.

But I got excited when I said no because then maybe the Hydra of Lerna would be upset at me and eat me whole. However the Hydra of Lerna got depressed. I suggested a sales book which helped me make sales in my business. It’s called, “You’re Not Selling, You’re You”, by Howard Blitzern. It said when you give a name to any thing or activity, you kill it. I really like the exercise where Blitzern suggested imagining everything as pancakes. I love pancakes!

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