What’s Up

I was feeling low and I left things behind and went for a walk. I walked past the night into the day. Around noon I was feeling better and I looked up to see where I was.

It was Akron, Ohio. I was hungry. I went to a cafe called the Grapevine. I sat and ordered at double-cheeseburger. It was delicious. I added about half a bottle of ketchup. The waitress asked if everything was okay. I told the waitress that I like ketchup.

I went back outside. I realized my feet hurt from all the walking. I went to Lucky Shoes. I told them that I’d walked from Chicago and I needed some ped-comfort. They gave me a pair of purple Sidewinders. I said, “I’ll take them.” They asked if I at least wanted to try them on. I said, “My feet like purple.”

I’m walking back to Chicago now. I’m typing this on my iPhone. I wanted to share what’s going on.

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