The Other Night

Saturday evening I was out for a walk when I was picked up by a UFO. I was intimidated at first. The nice thing was they did ask if I wanted to come with them. I appreciate graciousness.

They let me sit in the cockpit. What a great view. It reminded me of when I was seven and went on a helicopter ride and couldn’t believe how amazing it was to see so much while flying.

The “they” looked like the reflections you see on a lake. They were colorful and shiny and reflected the things around them. They even wiggled in the similar way that a lake does when waves cause the reflections to shimmy. I didn’t get caught up in it though. I enjoyed the friendly feeling we had together.

We ventured up into space. There wasn’t much to see. It’s so dark out there. I mean, you can see stars way off, but mostly there’s nothing to look at. I guess that makes sense, it’s hard to look at nothing.

They served me a drink. It was kind of like fruit punch, but better. Normally I don’t like sugary things. When I go to restaurants, I have to ask for unsweetened iced tea. But I ended up having four glasses. I think this made them happier because they shimmied faster.

We passed some planets. They were pretty. We drove through the Milky Way. That was nice. We caught up to an asteroid. That was fun because it was like driving your car alongside your friend’s car on the freeway. You’re giddy because you’re looking at each other and occasionally at the road, and you know you might crash, but you don’t.

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