Last night’s strange occurrence

Last night’s strange occurrence

I woke to the sounds of honking. I was standing in the middle of the freeway. A truck was heading directly for me. I panicked and couldn’t move. The truck swerved, missing me by a few feet.

There was a braking sound from a car heading rapidly in my direction. The driver had slammed on the brakes, and the car swerved back and forth in an attempt to not lose control. I was stuck in panic again and couldn’t move away. The car skidded to a halt, close enough that I could feel the bumper lightly touch my knee through my pajamas.

The driver and I were eye-locked. The driver stuck his head out the window and began yelling at me. I snapped out of it and ran to the median strip. I sat down on the grass and hugged my knees. The driver drove off, tires squealing.

My heart was pounding. My pajamas were soaked in sweat. The cold wind whipped against my back and I began to shiver. I got chilled and stood up and ran in place and hugged myself.

A police car pulled up onto the median strip. A light shone from the car. I couldn’t see anything but its brightness. I didn’t mind though because it warmed me.

I heard a car door open and someone walk towards me. A voice said, “Brooks, is that you?” I said it was. The light shut off. It was my friend, Renaldo. He’s a Kodiak Bear who also happens to be a policeman. We hugged. Renaldo got out a blanket from the trunk of the car and put it around me.

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