Rowing across the Atlantic

Rowing across the Atlantic

row boating across the Atlantic

I remember the time I was attempting to row boat across the Atlantic Ocean. I really wanted to make it all the way from the USA to England. And I’d almost completed my journey and was an hour or so from the city of Cornwall in England when a whale stuck its head out of the water and said, “Can I ride with you?” I can’t say no, so the whale climbed into my rowboat. It was a tight fit.

I tried really hard to row, but with the extra weight, we weren’t going anywhere. The whale got impatient and said, “Can’t you make this go any faster?” I said I would try, but after a few minutes struggle the whale lost it and took the oars away from me and began rowing.

I said, “You’re going in the wrong direction.” The whale said, “I know what I’m doing!!” After a week I could see the coast of Virginia in the distance. The whale said, “I’m done” and went back in the water.

I rowed the rest of the way to Norfolk. I parked my boat in the dock. I got my car and loaded my boat to the top of my car. I went back home, put the boat away and sat in my living room. On the wall was my list of Things To Do. I erased Rowing across the Atlantic.

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